Mi Julie…

Simon has just picked up a brand new Santa Cruz Juliana for Vicky (affectionately called “Mi Julie” already) in brilliant white.  It is a really nice looking piece of kit, and is in need of a test ride v soon – hopefully tonight.

Kerrie got away last night in good time (although her flight was a couple of hours delayed) and we enjoyed a nice Chili’s meal on the way home.  Elliot was startving it seems – he wolfed his chicken and chips and helped Olly with his food – unheard of…

The packing has begun 🙂

We have made Olly’s old bedroom into the packing room – so far we have sorted our shoes into what is getting binned, what is going on to charity shops and finally, what we are shipping home etc.

We have started to go through all of our paperwork etc and need to make a start on clothes etc soon.

The ForkHall computers have been closed down ready to be boxed up so we will see how well we get on without them (given we are mac house now, this should not cause any issues but ….) – but it also signifies the fact that we need to clear out the stuff from the garage before we start using it as the storage facility for the boxes.

We have ordered proper bike boxes for the Santa Cruz bikes so that they are not damaged on the ship on the way to the UK.  We have also found that Summit Cycles in Los Gatos will box our other bikes for us for $55 each into cardboard boxes.

We need to arrange for a shipper to come and quote and then take the stuff away in the next 10 days ideally – that way it will stand a chance of getting back to the UK before Christmas…


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