Boys weekend in….

Mummy and Auntie Kerrie have head out to LA for the weekend (seeing Katy Perry, Universal Studios etc) leaving the boys here in Los Gatos for the weekend.

A weekend of XBOX 360 etc is underway 🙂

Yesterday, Elliot’s school friend Reid celebrated his 5th Birthday and had a pool party.  Elly, Olly and Daddy went along to celebrate with Reid.  It was a fun afternoon even if Elly only wanted to play with Olly in the sand pit and in the bouncy castle (when nobody else was in it).

Today we have been invited over to Amy and Jason’s although it is now 10:30 am and we were suposed to be there 30 minutes ago – the boys are not motivated to leaving the house today it seems.  We definitely need to get out on the bikes etc.

Mummy and Auntie Kerrie will not be back until after the boys are in bed – their flight is not until 8pm so they are not likely to be back at the house until after 11pm.

ONLY 3 more days and we will be IN MAUI !!!!! 🙂

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