The third therapy session of the week

So in addition to the Monday session at TSSV we have a session in the park on Wednesday.  Again the same as the Monday session working on SLT and OT in a group setting helping to encourage the children to socialise and integrate in a group setting.  The session starts in the sand pit and I sit at the edge with Elliot to try and encourage him to join in.  I realise that me being so close is not helping so I move away from the group and let the therapists get on with it, that is after all what we are paying for.  I sit just in view so that Elliot knows where I am but far enough away from the children that I am not interfering.  I watch with interest as the therapists engage the children and keep there cool when they act out.  There are lots of very cool activities such as playing in the sand, climbing on the play structures and an obstacle course, finally the children make pictures from things they have found in the park such as sand leaves flowers. 

Elliot from my observations has been stood on the outside of play reflecting and watching a lot.  He hasn’t joined in as much as I would have liked but I have to accept that Elliot is a very shy little boy and these situations make him feel really uncomfortable.  All of these things can make his anxiety worse.  So I have to be careful to find the happy medium as I need to push him beyond his comfort zone but not to far.  I guess the trick here is to determine how to do that.  The specialist tells me that the anxiety is currently his biggest issue but I am not so sure so I speak with the lead therapists at TSSV and ask for some advice.  I tell her that they are wanting Elliot on Zoloft and ask what she thinks. She also agrees that Zoloft is too extreme for Elliot and that he does start to respond he just takes a long time to warm up.  I have high hopes for this summer as the majority of his therapy is group situations to help him.  Fingers crossed it’s going to help.

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