Happy Birthday Jenny

We all wish you a wonderful day – hope you have a really enjoyable day.

We had a great long weekend, with daddy getting his new Santa Cruz Blur LTc mountain bike – AND actually using it on th trails on Monday morning – yes readers, he got his a$$ out of bed at 6:30am on Monday to get out and back before the kids got out of bed… Vicky is wondering how long it lasts – Simon is hoping to do this at least once a week on top of our other cycling and walking activities.  Simon actually did over 30 miles in just over 24 hours this weekend :-).  He is still a fat lard a$$ though – in case you were wondering.  For those who care, please see a picture of Barbara below – named by Vicky and Tim 🙂

We also managed to get hold of one of the trail along bikes for Elliot as he is getting a little big for the trailer now, and as a result Olly and Elly are squeezed into it, and it is a tad heavy for the aforementioned lard a$$ to pull on the bike.

The above is a little picture of the trail along bike that we bought.  Elliot LOVES it – he clearly feels grown up, and so our first outing was to be a small test to see how he gets on with the new sensation that we all remember form our first reasonable length cycle trip.  He ended up doing just over 8 miles on Sunday lunchtime – in the heat of the sunshine as well (100F / 37C).  This was also a BIG time for mummy, as we bought a “tow bar” for her bike for the original cycle trailer so that she could pull Olly.  The decision was that while Elliot and trail along is marginally lighter weight, there was the added bonus of needing to balance both yourself and Elliot on his “bike”, hence mummy would pull Olly.  Funny though as Olly was lording it up by himself in a bike trailer for two – he certainly adopted a typical bloke seating position – legs akimbo etc.

We did another 8 miles tonight and Elliot took it all in his stride, although his balance was not as good tonight as it was yesterday – think he might just be getting a little cocky…

We had a nice BBQ last night with the Somerfields – a reminder that we should do it more frequently if we can – but another reminder that the house does not have a garden 🙁

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