Memorial Day revelations

Trying to work out the best thing for Elliot can be a never ending task and some times a lonely one too.  The constant questions I ask myself drive me crazy.  Do we do enough with him? Should we push him out of his comfort zone a little more? Is he getter better? Is he getting worse, Will he get much better?  Are we doing enough to help?  Is this the behavior of a “normal” 4 year old or is it different? The questions are endless and sometimes you can feel like you are the only one that has these issues to deal with.

This really is just not he case at all.  I realised this after bumping into a friend I met when I first arrived here, at a BBQ on Memorial Day.  She asked what was new with us and after a little small talk I decide to talk to her about Elliot and his pending Aspergers diagnosis.  She shared with me that her eldest child has Aspergers quite badly and that her youngest has it also.  Wow! amazingly she is going to one of the sessions we are going to and has great things to say about TSSV which is very reassuring she also thinks that she may have details of other summer programmes that really might work out for  Elliot.  It is so nice to know that you are not alone on this journey albeit a little scary to have a reminder that both the boys may have Aspergers.  Although Oliver is currently at the other end of the spectrum and very sociable who knows if this will last forever, at least we know what warning signs to be looking out for in the meantime.

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