Monday is here again…

It’s monday morning again and it is time to get the boys ready to go for Elliot session at TSSV. AS ever the session starts at 10am.  It is really difficult to keep an eye on what is going on during Elliots session as Oliver is really being difficult this morning and standing outside the room shouting for Elliot.  The room Elliot has his session in has two way glass so that we can see in and he can’t see out.  Biggest problem is he can still hear and Oliver is pretty determined to make sure that he is heard :o(  It appears the session is pretty uneventful he was having a few issues with one of the exercises according to the notes but he soon got over it.  It helps that the session leader is very gentle in her approach and tries to encourage the child to take part but never forces them to do anything they are not comfortable with.

I am still very much in a stage of information overload as the mums that have there children in the Monday morning sessions have been on their journeys for longer than us and have lots more information of classes available.  I am currently thinking that the social issues may need a little more help so I am wondering about sports or gym classes I just need to find the right place.

Elliot: Session 8

    • Cheers: with structure and prompting, participated in building the town. Watches everything, aware of all things happening. Needs to build social confidence to speak his ideas, will talk quietly to adult if not pushed to do so. Did not like the Hex bug vibration, but was eager to be the builder and rebuild the walls when the hex bugs crashed through. I gave him the opportunity to touch the bug when it was off, but he was not yet ready. I turned one bug off and perched him on top of the wall near Elliot so that E could see the bug, the bugs job was to watch out for escaping bugs! This bug was E’s “partner”. I always work to desensitize a child to a stimulus that they are not comfortable with – I do not push it – I structure the situation so that the child continues to participate at the level he is comfortable with, while continuing to provide opportunities in a non-threatening way, to access the stimulus.
  • Challenge: maintaining group peer play, speaking to peers.

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