Almost booked our Maui vacation… :-)

We did our research on Sunday, contacted Kerrie on Monday (for confirmation) and are in the process of booking the August Maui trip 🙂  We decided to go for the smaller house (only three bedrooms) that has the terrific ocean view rather than no view but bigger house.  Think we will really appreciate this when we get there…..

Just picture the scene, Elliot and Olly in bed from an exhausting day in the pool and / or on the beach, the adults sat outside with a glass or three of vin rouge…… NICE.

Front view of the villa…..

Think this will be OK 🙂 The villa is booked and paid for – just need to sort flights and car rental.

Anyway, it has rained all week thus far, so we are really hoping for some sunshine.  Poor Elly got over the sickness only to find that the other end began to suffer 🙁 The issue is apparently going round the school with precision 🙁

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