Sicky Elliot Jack today :-(

Elly was up being sick at around 2am this morning sadly – not a great start to a Sunday.  This woke Olly, so we had two distressed children in the house for a while.  Poor Elly needed a bath and his bedsheets changing.  Mummy decided to sleep in with Elly on the inflatable bed just in case he needed help later in the night and Daddy won the Olly prize.

So, we have enjoyed a PJ day today since Elly was not really up to being outside, or certainly not this morning.  We had one further sickness episode at 8:30 and he has been fine ever since thankfully.

We are looking to book a Maui holiday in August (when Kerrie comes to visit) so have invested a couple of hours into the research while we have been house bound.  A day can make 300 USD difference just on the flights (so that is $1500 for the five of us – a significant difference).  We are looking for a house to rent that has wonderful views and is close to the beach (walkable in any case) – thank fully there seem to be a lot to chose from and they are not crazy money at the times that we are looking to go either.

We went down to the beach at Santa Cruz yesterday with Rich, Clare, Ben and Alex (Rich is a work colleague from the UK who has come over for three months to help build out the new development center here in Silicon valley for the company Simon works for) and typically it was less than 16 degrees Celsius and windy.  So, Simon managed to avoid sunburn for the first time on a beach visit, BUT obtained a wind burn to his face 😀  As always, the kids loved it although Olly was not allowed to go swimming / paddling this time around – he was not amused – clearly missed his uncle Tim.

The diet and fitness regime needs to start this week – we are definitely feeling a little overweight and under fit right now.  The beer has been removed from the fridge and the chocolate looks to be next on the list to be placed out of harms way…. 🙁

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