Back in the bay :-)

Great couple of weeks with the family in the UK, but we are now back in the bay.

2 mega birthdays – Rebecca’s 16th and Sue’s 21st.

The flight back today was really hard work – Oliver was not happy for over two hours of the journey 🙁 He finally fell asleep in daddy’s arms 40 minutes before we landed, then Elly fell asleep as the landing gear was falling out of the plane….  Ended up with 2 mega grumpy boys to get through a horrifically LOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGG security queue.  Thankully one of the security people spotted us and ushered us to the front of the queue.

So, one pap johns pizza, a couple of beers and we are all heading to bed – it is 21:33.

Simon is hoping to get a good nights sleep as he is up at 05:45 to get into work tomorrow…. Wish him luck….

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