School feedback…

Today, we went in to Elliot’s school to find out their feedback on how  he is getting along.

We came back not really knowing what to think – is he doing well, is he doing less well – it is all a little unclear.

It seems that he excels in some aspects of their analysis (counting, eye to hand co-ordination) and yet has quite the opposite in others – such as copying shapes with a pencil and his social skills.

It is strange as there are also areas such as if he is showing signs of being a leader – really – he is four years old… Leadership skills…… really… ??

One thing is for sure, we have not spent enough time with him learning his alphabet and doing things such as collecting 9 cars together.

Funny, we knew he needs more work on his social skills but I think we are still feeling totally unsure of the importance of the rest.  At 4 years old, surely he should be focusing on making friends and building up the social skills that he will use for the rest of his life… ???

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