Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Our first ever official Thanksgiving Holiday, and we are lounging around at home doing nothing but Christmas movies and a little light baking – gingerbread men and bread.

We are actually going to our first ever Thanksgiving meal shortly so are really looking forward to the experience 🙂

Vicky has put the Christmas decorations up since apparently it is acceptable given that the Thanksgiving week is the signal of acceptance…. 🙂

We have three trees up, one in the lounge, one in the family room and Elly has one in his bedroom 🙂

It has got quite cold here as well in that we have needed to switch on the heating in the house this last 3 or 4 mornings.  It definitely has been getting close to 0 degrees C in the nights, although does raise up to 14 or 15 C during the days thankfully.

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