Christmas stuff has arrived in the shops…

The weeks are rapidly passing us by, however, finally the Christmas stuff has appeared in the shops.  We were out today on Santana Row, and noted that the Christmas Trees and other festive lights etc appear to be up in the streets outside the shops.  Even some of the shops are sporting Christmas attire 🙂

We went up to Muir Woods yesterday (north of the Golden gate bridge) to see the redwood trees – apparently some are 3000 years old.  In fairness it was a nice walk through the trees since the paths were either tarmac OR fully decked out to make the whole experience just easy. There was pain in parking the car – we had to park about 1.5 miles away and walk to the center, but it was a nice day, so no drama.

Simon has one more week of work and then has a week off – yay !  AND Grandma and Granddad are coming to stay for a couple of weeks.

Daddy was away in New York all week last week, so it is nice to be back and looking forward to a week holiday.

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