Happy Hallowe’en (part 2)

We went out Trick or Treating in Los Gatos tonight – the boys costumes were….

“Mickey” got literally hundreds (not kidding on the number – see later for details of why this is not an exaggeration) of comments as we walked the streets in Los Gatos – he loved being somewhat the center of attention and just wanted to run around in amongst it all :-).

We went with the Folks, and have been absolutely AMAZEAs by not only the amount of work that most of the residents in the streets that we visited had put in to decorate their homes for the night, but also the sheer number of people who visited.  We estimate that there were possibly more than 10,000 people out and about.  Kind of beats the 30 or 40 that we see when Trick or Treating on Turner Close etc….

T a ridiculous example, there were two or three houses that actually had their own OUTDOOR DJ’s sorting out the tunes for the people who were visiting !!!

This was genuinely something that you had to see to believe and unfortunately our photographs do not so it justice – it was dark after all.

Clare – while we were out tonight, V was thinking of you…

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