Pumpkin Patch

We head out to Half Moon Bay this morning to go to Pastorino’s Pumpkin Patch – it rained a little but we still really enjoyed the couple of hours.

Rain called off play in the end, but we still ended up with two pumpkins – or Po as Olly calls them 🙂

Vicky has worked for over 4 hours this afternoon carving the little fellas (the po’s, not the kids…) and take a look at her work – how cool are these?

Tomorrow is the big night and Elly has begun to state that he does not want to wear his Buzz costume – typical – 6 weeks of wanting it on every day, and now that the time is here, he is not interested in it.

On slightly less exciting news, we have bought a new TV today (46inch version of the one we already have) and relegated the previous model into the lounge area, and the lounge TV to a bedroom.  While Simon wanted a 3D TV, he relented that a $700 purchase was a smarter use of cash.

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