Hair cut

Finally, we got around to getting the boys hair cut.  Following Simon’s small disastrous cut a few weeks back (he was butchers at the Los Gatos Barber shop that we have used three times before), we decided that we would not risk the boys getting a similar quality cut.

We heard of a place on Union (towards Target and Coldstone creamery and near where we bought the bikes) so thought we would try it.

There were two Japanese women who were the stylists, and their english was poor but passable.  I think they were a bit mad in honesty – they kept telling us how wonderful the boys were – is nice to hear once, but when you are getting the news for the 5th time in 2 minutes, it wears thin….

Anyway, both cut, and a pretty good job all round really – typically all the fussing caused the boys to concentrate on the cut too much so they bother were in tears come the end of the job 🙁

We also took delivery of some really cool Christmas presents yesterday – we are expecting the final part of the shipment early next week – the boys’ Grandparents are going to be very pleased with what we have found.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to head to Monterey Aquarium.

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