Back to it – and a photo shoot for Olly

We had a great time in Disneyland last weekend – although at times it did feel as if Elliot was only actually interested in the toy stores around the two Disney parks 🙁

We did make it in time for the Pixar parade on Saturday, although we experienced something new this time around – the various items that are in the parade squirt the people watching – they didn’t do that in March – perhaps it was just that it was colder back then ??? 🙂  Either way, Elly and Olly were non-too-keen on the addition it seems 🙂

We upgraded the flights on the way to LA to 1st class – after all, it was Elliot’s birthday 🙂

Then today, we have FINALLY got around to sorting Olly’s 1st Birthday photographs at a local photography studio.  While Olly was not really up for the whole affair, the lady has captured Olly really well.  Interesting that Elliot (3 years ago) was reading books and Olly today was reading the iPad !!

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