Waikiki vacation – great place, great trip

We got back a couple of days ago following a wonderful time in Waikiki.  It was not at all what we expected – we expected a Blackpool type setup from what people had told us – we got nothing like it – i.e. 4 Louis Vuitton stores in Waikiki – one in the hotel in which we stayed!!!

Elly and Olly LOVED the beach, and swam in the Ocean every day – we actually couldn’t get Elly to come in each day 🙂

We are already looking to get a holiday into Maui now – be a bit less shopping type – i.e. there are just store after store of designer stores.  You name it, it is there.  Maui, will be much more green and more fun for Elliot and Oliver.  We are considering going there in November – what do you think? Grandma and Granddad to see the city (they missed it last time they were here) in all its glory.  Typically it was very cold in the city today, so we ended up buying some fleeces etc to keep warm.  Then at the end of the day, we (Vicky, Simon, Elly and Olly) ended up walking back to Fisherman’s Wharf from Union Square.  That’s the second time we have done that – and the LAST !!!!

Any future visitors can do the trolley ride SOLO 🙂

Beach @ Santa Cruz tomorrow 🙂

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