Nice day with the Rust family today…

A great day today here we have seen all the Rust family in one day – a feat that has not occurred since Michael and Angela’s wedding a couple of years ago.

Olly wore himself out so much in crawling around his Grandma’s garden that we only got to the end of the road as we left and he was already asleep !!!!

Timmy has taken great care of Pepsi and Max – they are in great shape – OK so the kennel cough is heading out, but otherwise they are doing great.

We are hoping to have a swim in the morning and then a BBQ in the afternoon – then Simon is needing to prepare for his trip to New York, while Vicky and the boys are staying on in Ossett for a couple more weeks.

The Hawaii countdown remains – we will be there enjoying life in just 18 days:-)

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