Heading to UK tomorrow…

We have reached the end of the first 3 months of our stay here in the Bay area. Tomorrow we head to the airport @ 6am and will fly from SFO to New York, and then change planes and head to Manchester overnight, arriving in Manchester @ 8am on Saturday morning.

Elliot is mega excited- so much that we think he thinks he is going back and not coming back out here – today he asked when the ship was coming to get his toys…. 🙁 Oh dear, we are gonna have some fun in three weeks or so….

We have bought an 8ft by 5ft map of the world and put it on the wall in the kids play area in the house.  We have begun showing Elliot where the white house is, where Grandmas live and where Mia lives.  He is actually picking it up quickly and has only tonight been asking where the plane goes tomorrow when we head back home 🙂

Simon has moved all of his gear out of the office in Palo Alto since we have now moved (or will have when he gets back) into a new place in San Jose.  The great news is that this office is just 12 miles from home – the Palo Alto place was / is 24 miles.  NICE 🙂

We are now just 24days or so until our break in Hawaii – typically a travel agent that we walked in to see in Los Gatos got back to us (3 days later than she promised and hence 2 days after we booked the holiday) and the price that she had to offer was very impressive – so much so that maybe we will make use of her for our next trip….

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