More exploring

Today, we went out to see another park that we had heard about in Los Gatos – a little park near the town center – it was fun – there were a couple of climbing and swinging frames, a sand pit (together with buckets / spades and beach toys) and a large grassy expanse on which picnics could be had 🙂  The boys played for 30 minutes in the sand pit before we head home for lunch and an afternoon snack for Olly 🙂

We also found a car wash that takes approx 20 mins, and they take the car off you, vacuum it wash it (unfortunately not by hand – but you can watch the car being pulled along a conveyor belt and washed) and then dry it by hand and clean it internally by hand.  The job is really very good and it is all done for $15.  $20 for the extra RAIN-X goods while it is being washed.  These guys do “detailing” as well – waxing to you or I 🙂 Might just try that out at some point downstream 🙂

Mummy’s back is still hurting significantly – well the pain is moving down into her ass – no, this time it is not Simon – although we all know he is a pain in her ass 🙂

Tomorrow, we are hoping to head to Morgan Hill where there is a BBQ competition – oh yes that’s right, a Northern California BBQ competition.  We have NEVER heard of anything quite like it so feel that to miss it would be a mistake 🙂  We’ll report back in the next few days as to what we find – expect lots of photos and hopefully some video too….

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