Happy Birthday Daddy

36 years old today – wow

The boys and mummy surprised daddy with far too many gifts this morning.  He has received a couple oif shirts, a pair of Converse boots, three shirts and a pair of shorts :-).

So, once daddy got the new shorts and t-shirt on, we headed out to Santa Cruz to hit  the beach.  We had a lovely picnic, built sandcastles and played with the new beach toolset that we bought in Costco a few days ago.  Olly had his first taste of sand – and seemingly really liked it.  When we arrived at the beach Olly was terrified of the sand, but as we left it he felt it was great food and was happy to roll around in it – GREAT – 2 out of 2 direct hits on the “we love the beach” stance.

When we got home (following 30 minutes of Olly telling us [through screaming, waling and barking] that he was hungry, daddy found that the application of sunscreen on his back had been lacking…. muppet 🙁

Oh, and on several occasions over the last few days when something has not gone his way, Elliot has been overheard saying “Oh Man!” – nothing too terrible I hear you state – no – but he delivers it in an almost perfect American accent !!!!  Great, and this is WITHOUT going to school…..

Finally, we have setup a local (Leeds) telephone number that we will use to contact folks back home – if you want the number so that you can call us for a local (free) call, please drop us an email and we will send you the details.  Basically the number routes through a voice over IP provider across the internet and into our house here in Los Gatos.  The cool bit is that we bought some phones for the home land line that also works with the VoIP solution – so one house phone deals with internet calls as well as US calls over US landline. Nice !!

Next week, we need to get on with sorting Californian Driving Licenses and figuring out what we are going to do ref bikes 🙂

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