Picking up the GTI tonight

We picked up Vicky’s X5 on Friday night last week, and tonight we collect the GTI from Clint.  Clint is the car guy who has sorted out the finance / lease for us as well as the insurance etc.

The really surreal bit is the fact that we go to Peets Coffee house to meet him, sign the paper work and drive away with the car – a little different from the UK where we would expect to go to the dealership to collect the car.

Don’t worry, we have not leased knocked off cars – it seems to be how things are done here – all about who you know, and they obtain at very cheap prices from the very same dealer who was more than prepared to rape you over the price….

We still have the rental car so will take it back on Saturday when we take Simon’s mum back to the airport to travel home – or certainly she (and Bernard) is hoping to travel home on Saturday.  This volcanic ash issue certainly seems to have done a wonderful job of knackering up inter continental travel.  We’ll see – we may just have house guests for a little while longer yet…..

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