End of house hunting day 1…

So we are here in the bay area having now completed our first day searching.  We have a wonderful tour guide who Simon has been corresponding with over the last couple of months by email.

Her time has been invaluable since she knows the area very well, and seems to have picked up on our requirements exceptionally well even via email.

We have seen inside 3 houses, and two more from the outside.  It is nice to know that Simons gut feel on Los Gatos was well founded – this is the preferred location presently – Vicky agrees with Simon’s thoughts on how nice the area appears to be.

The second house that we saw today was brand new and was on two levels (much like homes in the UK) and was perfect in many ways – a quiet cul de sac of probably 25 homes.  Its’ downside – it is right next to the motorway (sorry, freeway).  We think that as a rental home, this is not far from perfect – it is as ideal as it could be for Simon for work, yet retains many of the qualities that we like in houses.  The back garden is small but already setup perfectly – and has a grass section etc for the boys to play in.

Hopefully, the rest of the week will set us up to see many more locations such that we can decide on the style of home we want and the location in which we would like it to be.

We have also seen a very nice pre school that both Elliot and Oliver could attend.  We are not that sure that we would like Oliver to go there yet, but Elly could certainly do 5 mornings a week and it is priced similar to Little stars Nursery.

Bottom line, Los Gatos, Saratoga and Mountain View are all very much in play at present.

Considering that pretty much all we have done today is travel in the car, Elliot and Oliver have been really amazing – only a small outburst from Elly as we walked around Walmart, and Olly has been good as gold all day.

Vicky had a small outburst his afternoon, as her mum closed the door of Gail’s (tour Guide) Range Rover on Vicky’s hand, squashing three of her fingers 🙁

There appears to be no lasting damage – just a little whinging – good job it wasn’t Simon’s fingers – he would have whined on all day, and I’m pretty sure that there “would” have been broken bones etc.

It is no 8pm, the boys have been bathed, and are now in bed and the second glass of free red wine (manager’s happy hour every night here @ the Milpitas Embassy Suites enables free drinks from 5:30pm to 7:30pm – ace) is looking less likely to be required – we are all pooped and ready to hit the sack.

Hopefully we will get a full night’s sleep in tonight – Elliot woke Olly last night from coughing and this was at 3am – took 40 mins to get Olly back to sleep and Elly woke and took more like 2 hours to get back to sleep.  Daddy got the good deal in choosing to sleep with Olly 🙂

More as it happens…..

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