Another weekend disposed of…

Well ,the car is gone and while Simon is not over the moon, he knows it had to be 🙁

Simon has been busy scanning in some old photos over the weekend, and some of these can now be found in the gallery.

There are many more photos ranging from 1974 through to around 1987 – might post more later, depending on the interest – if you would like to see more, please let us know.

We went swimming this morning, and Elliot is definitely getting better (slightly more air escaped the arm bands this morning, and he coped without any issues at all 🙂 ) and is probably closing in on requiring professional lessons to get to a point where the assistance is not required – plus he needs to actually learn the strokes.

The countdown is on – next weekend we are taking Pepsi and Max up to bonnie Scotland to their holiday destination with Uncle Tim.  So, the boys were in to the VET yesterday and thankfully have successfully passed their MoT’s 🙂

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