Mission accomplished

Yesterday was the big interview at the US Embassy.  It took a couple of hours but we are in 🙂

We (Vicky and Simon) stayed in London on Tuesday night to ensure that we could get to the embassy nice and early – appointment was for 8am – we were there at 7:40.  We were given a ticket (number N115 if it matters) and we began to wait.  The counters opened at 8:10am and in honesty they were really quick. 25 minutes later we were called up, and the lady began to process our documents.  And then the question came – “where is your kajdhfdskjf878?” Simon’s classic response – “erm, what?”.  Then she checked the documents again and then said that we had been given the wrong ticket – we are there for an E2 Visa and not a standard N visa… Great, so we had to go back to the beginning and start again.

So, we now had ticket E903 (again, for those who are interested) and then sussed out that although there were 8 counters open, and only 2 people in front of us (E900 was already done, and E901 was just starting), we found that ONLY ONE of the damned counters were doing E2 visas!!!

So, 45 minutes later and we were being seen.  All systems go, and we would be getting the second interview shortly.  a further 30 minutes and we were given the all clear, asked to pay $420 and then a further £35 for delivering the passports back to us in 10 days 🙂

As well as this – we saw Dermot O’Leary applying for a visa of some description

So, we are all set now.

We have also figured out that HSBC offer some bank accounts that we can use to minimise the cost of money transfers between UK and US – so we have an appointment setup to proceed (subject to all being satisfactory of course)

The letting agent came around today and will be coming back in the next week or so to take photos and measure up etc.

Now all we need is for a buyer for the cars…..

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