I’m STILLdreaming of a white Christmas – SANTA EXPRESS DAY!!

It is definitely the Santa Express day today – less than zero degrees Celsius and a light dusting of snow in the air 🙂  It always seems to be FREEZING on the station platforms while we are waiting for the train to pick us up.

We got great seats on the train today – there was loads of room around us – we just seem to remember last year being rather short of space and being cramped.

The kids had a great time, although we definitely had the setup that suggested it was going to be a bad experience – let me explain…

We went to TGI Friday’s for lunch before heading over to Oxenhope, and Oliver just cried the whole time we were there – he did not want to eat, not did he seem to want to sleep.  The drugs (Calpol) did manage to rid the issue, but only after being 20 minutes on the way to Oxenhope (a 45 minute drive).  Then as we arrived, Elliot needed waking (never a great sign) and he woke in a pretty bad mood – fortunately he had managed to shrug off the issue by the time we got to the station platform 🙂

Elliot was reasonably shy when Father Christmas came through, and was very pleased with the gift he was given.  Oliver also really liked the teddy bear – THANK YOU FATHER CHRISTMAS.  We love you.

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