Countdown to the operation…

The good news is that Oliver bloods are getting to be more like they need to be before an operation can take place.  The bad news is that there is no room at the Inn.  The Inn in this case being Leeds General Infirmary.

So, we are still sat in Pinderfields Ward B counting the hours away….

As Simon sits here, mummy has fortunately been asleep for about 1.5 hours, and Oliver is still laying back sucking away on his doo-doo wide awake as if he had not a care in the world.

We are very hopeful of a short ambulance trip to LGI tomorrow – else we may be in search of a slightly longer trip to Sheffield somewhere.

Elliot has had a full day at nursery today and then Simon took him to the doctors to have his feet and willy checked out.  A strange combo I know, but may as well ask about all things in one go.  Both are AOK although if his feet are still “toeing in” in 6 months, we should take him back in (I guess for splints in his shoes or something)

Fortunately the cheese wire op is off for the time being 🙂

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