We are under starters orders….and we’re off !!! …… well maybe… the “niggles” have begun

1am – Vicky’s waters broke – typically at 11pm we had just lay down in bed to get some sleep and Simon was pretty descriptive when he asked Oliver for 9 hours sleep before he should start coming out.

So just as we decided to call the labour delivery ward, Vicky was stood at the bottom of the bed as the leak turned into a tap 🙂

The midwife at the Triage centre @ Dewsbury hospital asked us to go straight over, so we arranged for grandma to come and sleep at ForkHall so that Elliot wouldn’t be disturbed, and at about 1:40am we head out.  So as the drunks were getting their cabs home we head to he hospital.

We were there (Triage) about 1 hour and the midwife confirmed that the Waters had indeed broken (the floor in the bedroom could certainly attest to it :-)) and then proceeded to book in an induction for 7am on TUESDAY morning !!!! – 30 hours away !! 🙁 When she booked it in, she was overheard telling the person on the other end of the phone that the waters were broken and that Vicky was experiencing “niggles“.  Vicky was not over the moon at the thought that what she was experiencing were just mere niggles – it felt very very real and niggles just didn’t cut it !

Anyway, we were sent home and got back for about 4am, feeling tired, in pain and almost a little disappointed I guess.  One thing is for sure, HE IS ON HIS WAY 🙂

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