Finished :-)

Up, early doors, and got the entire play centre finished by lunchtime – including decking inside the towers at floor level to ensure that muddy feet do not appear  when using the play area.

Elliot has been outside from just after 10am until almost 3pm – to say he loves it is a slight understatement.  Will up load photos later tonight if time permits – Done 🙂

We have moved the cars and other stuff (outdoor toys) from the garage and placed them in the shed around in the area, and eventually Simon will get around to moving the toys that are in the other shed (around the other side of the house) into this place also – keeping everything together.  Guess that will probably happen when the weather improves and the patio furniture etc comes out to play 🙂

It has definitely made a part of the garden whose only use was to get to another part of the garden, into a very usable kids play area.  Just need some seats for the adults etc. Suspect we may “need” to sit out with Elliot since he has chosen on a couple of occasions to slide down head first when our backs have been turned – little monkey.

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