Pick up ‘yer spade and dig boy !

Simon has spent almost all of the weekend out in the garden behind the garage with the intent of moving the shed into a new location to make room for Elliot’s new climbing frame with swings and slide etc 🙂  After 2 full days slog, the shed is moved and happy in its new home, we purchased the Rainbow Activity Center from Costco and began the monumental build.

There are something like 400 bits to be attached etc – to we have laid proper foundations to ensure it lives on for many years 🙂 The we is Granddad and Simon – Greg has thankfully given up tres amount of time to lead the job (Simon would (as we all know) have been knackered without the help (read lead).

It will be a few weeks before we can finish the job since our schedules won’t really allow us to complete it – that being said, the ground needs a few weeks to recover – it rained, it snowed, it hailed on us and the wind was pretty strong also.  All the seasons appeared to have dropped on us over the two days so the floor is just boggy – hope the grass is able to grow back again, and we may just build a little deck around the base of the new activity centre – might be the best way to deal with the area.  Photos will be available when we have finished it all.

As per usual, we do expect Simon to be whinging about being sore by about Tuesday – might even be sooner – we all know what he is like 🙂

The shed will house all of the outdoor play things for Elliot etc once we have this finished and all cleaned up.

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