First day at school / nursery

Elliot’s first half day at nursery was yesterday – unsurprisingly he was very keen to stay and did not want to leave after lunch when mummy went to pick him up again.  The plan is he will be @ nursery two mornings a week from now until his brother arrives in a few months time.  We hope that he then has something of his own to do, that means when Oliver does make an entrance, Elliot can continue with it, giving Vicky time with Oliver solo.  Plus Elliot needs to mix with other kids of course.

We also checked out the local school last week – it is a bit bigger than we both thought in terms of total number of pupils – 300 between the ages of 4 and 11.  We are going to check out a few others also just to be sure that we are making the right choice etc.  I guess it is actually a bit of a lottery in terms of what he will get when he goes.  Will check out the public schools as well – will just need to figure out if we can locate enough coinage to enable that option 🙂

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