20 week scan today :-)

Simon got back from his overnight in London this morning and this afternoon was the 20 week scan.  We arrived in good time, and amazingly were almost straight in – result.  Well, not quite, our little cherub decided that it was time to sleep so the sonographer was unable to get the full readings on the heart (we could see it beating just fine, but she could not get in on the actual details of the heart) or could she get to see the feet.  The little monkey was sound asleep and was not up for showing us 🙁

So, we had to go out and wait for 30 minutes until we could have another go – same result – great.

Another 40 minute wait demonstrated that yet again we were not going ot be allowed to see the heart in full swing, nor the feet at all – little monkey.

The result ? We have to go back at a later date to complete the scan 🙁

Other than this irritation he is 100% OK.  That’s right, we said he 🙂 Just need to find some names now …. Any suggestions are most welcome

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