Christmas decorations deployed…

Vicky was successful in persuading Simon to get the Christmas decorations up in the house yesterday – we ended up buying two real trees – one for the lounge (5ft) and one for the conservatory (7ft).  The conservatory tree has all of the Disney decorations on and looks really cool, and the tree in the lounge is simple with purple and silver decorations on it.

The outdoor stuff as supplied by Granny Rust are in full swing in the back garden – basically they are all (conservatory plus outside) setup to be on only when there is somebody physically in the house or garden to see them – pretty cool – and given that they cost 25 pence per hour to run, prob a good job 🙂

Simon has been out today at the Manchester Derby with a couple of German chaps that work for a reseller that sells the AppSense software.  Only the 2nd time Simon has been to a football match in the last 10 years – it was very cold (-2 degrees C) but the atmosphere was pretty electric – guess when it is City vs. United, then it will always be this way.  United took it 1-0 at the City ground – so there were plenty of folks advising all of their tactics – maybe football would be better run this way – comments from noisy louts making the strategic decisions 🙂

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