Fun at the Sundown Adventure Park

The three of us had a great day today – we went out early (ish) and visited the Sundown Adventure Park near Retford.  We forgot to take a camera but Elliot had a ball – he was not up for sitting in his pushchair one bit.  In fact we wasted our time taking it – all it did was serve as an expensive trolley.

The park was really cool – for under 10’s and given we are in mid September, the park was pretty much, well …. empty.

Elliot had a go on a tractor, a train ride, and slides galore.

I suspect that we will be going back there next year (and possibly for some Christmas extravaganza) as he will be a bit older and will definitely want to do more of the stuff they have available.

Strangely enough, with all of the running around that we have done today, Elliot had no worries in getting to sleep tonight – be interesting to see what time he surfaces in the morning 🙂

Tomorrow, lunch out with Grandad @ Hazlewood Castle….

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