Back again (from Germany)

Simon has been out in Germany for a few days this week, and returned today.

The outside of the conservatory is now finished (Apparently) and the plastering work has been finished also.  Still to do the flooring.

Issues currently stand at the door by the existing decking is the wrong way around (opens the wrong way) and also that it does not clear the deck – so opens about 4 inches before being stopped dead in it’s tracks 🙁

Also, the roof (while seems watertight) is hardly a work of art and needs attention as well as a significant portion of the trim work – it is clear that somebody was rushing to finish – hardly a quality job.  Let’s just hope that the conservatory supplier / fitter is willing to sort it out – else we are going to be complaining  for a while 🙁  Typically Simon is heading out to America again on Sunday so will miss out on the potential fireworks there….

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