Can we have the conservatory then ?

Another weekend gone 🙁

Elliot seems to not wish to eat at meal times presently and would rather munch on “snacks” as he calls them at all other times during the day.

We are expecting to hear from the planning people next week regarding whether we will be allowed (or not) to build the conservatory on the back of Fork Hall.  Our fingers are crossed – Wednesday is D day.

Shopping trip on Saturday into Leeds City Centre, led us to almost purchase one new Tag Heuer watch, one Mont blanc Laptop case, and successfully led to a purchase of a Louis Vuitton bag and purse 🙂  In the middle of it all, the heavens opened and Vicky and Simon got soaked…. Elliot was nicely cocooned in his pushchair with the rain cover on – slept through it all too 🙂

Simon may be away for a couple of weeks from next weekend – heading back to New York in the second week 🙁

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