More BT woes !!!

Continued apologies to all visitors – the internet connection is still unavailable (and hence you are unable to read this text) due to BT leaving us high and dry with no connectivity.

We continue to wait for BT’s advanced specialised broadband team to do ….. erm….er…. something.

Frustration does not even get CLOSE to how we are feeling presently…

We are absolutely sure that the issues are our fault :-)and as a result there will be no apology from BT for the loss of service.  As it stands it seemed that in order to progress the issue, Simon was advised (although it was rapidly back-pedalled on) that we would need to take a new 12 month contract in order to obtain a BT HomeHub (since we no longer have one) since they could go no further with the diagnosis given that we did not have a BT device to connect to the internet…….. OUTRAGEOUS

No more ranting tonight as it is just a joke…

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