Roof fixed :-)

Simon is home again now and Manda has fixed the ForkHall roof (6 or so tiles were blown from the roof about a month ago and the wind etc has only just died down enough to allow someone to go up to repair)- thanks Manda.

We all reminisced last night from the Jamaican holiday – photos and videos round at ForkHall…. We ended up watching the Orlando trip videos as well – is incredible to see just how much Elliot and Tyler have changed in the last 6 months.

Simon had a good week in Boston and New York, is glad to be home again and is feeling pretty tired.  Vicky also had a long week this week and is also pretty tired – Elliot has had Vicky up a few nights during the week unfortunately.

The nice news of the week is that the temperature seems to be on the up finally – just wish that the wind would completely disappear also 🙂

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