Spend, spend, spend…

We have spent a fortune – on what we are not sure – we have nothing to show for it – it has been fun though 🙂

The trip to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure was a great day – all paid for by nobody 🙂 A real mix up with the tickets we bought ensured a free entrance and upgraded tickets for our waiting around – awesome.

Greg then treat Vicky, Clare, Frank and the girls to a nice projectile vomit session while on the Spiderman ride (that was it – no more rides for Greg on that day ….) while Simon sat outside pouring the beer that took sometime to get hold of (the buggers wouldn’t serve him without ID) all over the floor – doh.

There is so much still to do, Beach trip, Mini golf, go-karting, Magic Kingdom to name those on the top of our heads that need some for of access granting.

We are having a lazy night in tonight since Elliot is knackered and really needs to sleep, Simon feels a little queasy and Vicky is pissed at Simon for buying yet more pointless crap

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