Poorly Pepsi :-(

Following a few days of pretty major concern, it seems that Pepsi simply has even more knackered elbows than he did before – the Vet has confirmed that his back is A OK, but that his elbows are not in a good state :-(.  Typically Pepsi is jumping around like a 2 year old puppy once again and you would never believe that he was unable to move for 12 hours or so on Sunday night….

BT have en around this morning and confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the line or the house connectivity – the engineer confirmed that we may well have been pulled back by somebody in the exchange (well, he didn’t actually say those words) – in other words restricted to 1Mb – when Simon complained, they tried to bat it off as Internet congestion, but when Simon suggested that was total crap, that they upped the house line to 3Mb.  While this is not what we expect, it is enough and seems pretty consistent so we will continue to monitor it and give BT another kick if things degrade again.

Elliot’s second upper tooth has been cutting through over the last couple of days, and it is definitely the worst one so far – i.e. 45 mins sleep was the best continual sleep he got last night – Simon was up 8 times with him and Vicky 4 🙁 Typically he seems OK today…..

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