Matt, Sara and the girls came to stay…

We have had a fab weekend and it really seems to have lasted more than just two days.  We did absolutely nothing on Saturday at all once our visitors had arrived other than chat and entertained the kids.

We did plan on going out to the soft play centre in Leeds, but just never got around to it.

Today we all went down to Greenlea and took the kids swimming – they all seemed to have a great time and then the sun came out – so an hour or so in the garden was just perfect.

All the kids really tired themselves out, Elliot was in bed fast asleep by 7pm tonight and Sara told Vicky that Eleanor and Jessica slept for the whole trip home tonight 🙂

The washing machine broke this weekend also so we have a repair guy coming on Monday to check it out – our fingers are crossed in hope that it can be repaired rather than requiring a new item 🙁

BT have finally agreed to send an engineer out to check the broadband connection out – strangely enough not long after the call to advise us of this, the internet connection got three times better than it was.  Simon remains convinced that the rain is somehow the cause of the issue – i.e. the cable is sat in a pipe under the ground and when it rains heavily (or constantly) the pipe fills until it reaches a certain point – at which time some form of short occurs damaging the internet feed.  May seem like a total long shot, but BT are adamant that the line checks all come back OK, but we know that while we used to get 6Mb connection, this week it has only given 1.4Mb.  Nothing has changed within the household and the fact that the line has gone back up to 3.5Mb today which kind of supports the theory that it is not inside the house where the problem exists.  We will find out on Thursday between 8am and 1pm 🙂  ………..

Finally, we missed advertising Tyler’s birthday back in April – we did have a few other things on our minds back then, but a very belated happy returns little dude 🙂

19th July 2007 – Elliot’s First Hair cut today here is the before photo to compare

Well, today was Elliot’s first hair cut and he did very well – no complaining or crying at all – we introduced him to the job by letting him watch daddy have his cut first. We think it worked since we got through it unscathed 🙂

The sun has been out nearly all day today – a major surprise since the rain seems to have been in place for weeks now 🙁

We have got a little closer with the broadband connection in that Simon spent over an hour on the phone to some support engineers this afternoon and looks set for a similar session this evening 🙁 That said, the connection is still poor in comparison to what it has been and there appears to be little light down at the end of that there tunnel 🙁

Sara, Matt and kids are coming over at the weekend so we are going to do lots of kiddy stuff like soft play centres and swimming etc so the weekend is definitely looking good.

Vicky found some shoes for Elliot to wear at the wedding the weekend after, so we are all set – just a couple of ties required now…..

And finally – the tyres for Vicky’s car will be arriving on Tuesday so that will be another thing completed 🙂

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