Another packed weekend gone by ……

We saw Simon’s mum and Grandparents on Saturday and were on airport duty early on Sunday morning collecting Vicky’s parents from their Cuban vacation.

We think that Elliot has his first top tooth coming through as Sunday night and all day today he has been a little monkey.  While he won’t let Vicky near his mouth, it looks as though his front right upper tooth is heading south 🙂 Hopefully it will come through really soon, and his discomfort will cease for a few days (until the other one heads south anyway…)

Elliot is beginning to get very steady on his feet as well as reasonably rapid at the crawling stuff, so we went and bought two safety gates – one for the top of the staircase and one for the bottom.  We also invested in a large play den area for him, that can be unfolded to make a handy fire and TV guard or (as we have it setup) to simply keep him in one side of the lounge and hence is unable to get close to the TV or the fireplace.

The weather is pretty bad at the minute here in Ossett, with many local roads having been closed due to the flooding and many local rivers have burst their banks etc.  Amazing what a few days of heavy rainfall can do and the damage that it can leave in its’ wake.  We are suitably high enough up that a river is extremely unlikely to cause us damage but with all of the silt and crap in the storm drains, who knows if we could find ourselves in a flood scenario – let’s just hope not….. And the rain has stopped….. for now……..

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