Easter around the corner

This year is disappearing at a tremendous rate !!!!

We had a quick weekend last weekend – Abbie Thompson’s B’Day party was at Cool Cats in Leeds – a great venue – massive and loads for the kids to do.  Even Elliot seemed to enjoy playing in the ball pools for a while – he was absolutely mesmerised in watching the other kids running around the maze above his head and swinging from the rope swings etc.  It was almost as good as watching the television it seems.  The only disappointment was we were not allowed to take photographs in the play centre at all – how society is changing over the years…..

We went for a swim on Sunday morning and Elliot certainly does enjoy playing in the pool – still not keen on getting the water in his face but if he will splash himself then he only has himself to blame 😉

The weather seems to be changing as well – 18 degrees C or thereabouts on Sunday afternoon, so the little guy sat outside in his pram for his afternoon nap.

Finally, we are almost at Easter !!!!

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