Happy Birthday Daniel – 10 today

It has been a really busy week and as a result not much has been done to update this page – our apologies.

The Riley Chadwicks have been through the mill a bit over the last 5 or 6 days as the sickness and diarrhoea (Gastroenteritis) has caught on in the house.  All three of the kids have been very unwell unfortunately, and Vicky and Simon have therefore wanted to keep Elliot away as he may not fare to well with such ailments.  There is a suggestion that it may have come from Becka’s school, not that it makes it any easier.

Elliot has been down with Vicky swimming a couple of times this week and is beginning to be less bothered by the shower after the swim – in fact on Tuesday, the cheeky monkey fell asleep while being showered !!

This weekend is a big weekend, as we have Fabrizio Giarletta’s christening on Sunday where we are taking up the official position of God Parents – let’s hope we will be of use :-).  The this big 30th Birthday is on Monday, so we have booked into the Midland in Manchester for Sunday night, to enable us to shop in Manchester city centre on Monday so find suitable gifts (yes it is the wrong way round – Simon you should be buying the gifts BEFORE the birthday and not on it!!!!!).

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