Website been down – apologies…

The website has been down for a few days as we have experienced DNS issues – we apologise for the inconvenience.

Elliot went to the doctors today for his final set of injections – THREE of the blighters today – again, for 25 seconds (or so) he was extremely dissatisfied with the service he received from the nurses, and then he fell asleep and normal service was resumed – nice!

It is a little warmer outside at the minute as well – not sure how long that will be lasting though.

Simon has finally got is lazy ass in the gym a couple of times this week, and if we ignore the whining from sore muscles (yes apparently he has some under the flab) he is really enjoying getting back into it.  Typically he has found a way to spend more cash in that he JUST NEEDS a heart monitor now and of course the cheapest one simply will not do……..

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