Snow !!

It snowed last night !!!! We were going to capture on film as evidence but thought it could wait until morning and would be better lighting then – only to find it had all gone this morning – bugger !!

Simon has been to the dentist and the optician today – typically yesterday he began to have toothache, so you could argue fortuitous timing – a filling needed removing, a hairline crack in a tooth fixed, and a new filling applied.  All seems sorted now, although being a bloke, Simon is still whining on about the pain in his mouth…… Vicky keeps talking about the pain in her neck – not sure what that means……

Vicky’s parents are due back from their holiday tonight so we will be heading back to Fork Hall tomorrow and will be back to normality.  Simon has struggled with rebooting the pool boiler every other day due to it overheating (overheating – we wish it had been doing – it has been really cold in the new section of the house for 2 weeks and then damned boiler thinks it is overheating…. rant over), ensuring that the levels of water and their chemical consistency is all OK in both the pool and the hot tub.  We certainly would consider not having such items if we ever had the cash to have them in our near the house – they are possibly too much bother and require plenty of spare time to maintain – you generally do not realise until you are responsible for it.

Greg is also going to be very please to find that the company who supplied the gate opening video entry system are saying that it will not integrate into the telephone system here.  Simon has a feeling that with a little messing around we may be successful, but with no help whatsoever from the suppliers of the kit.  Simon does not want to be the one who tries stuff out for fear of breaking it when Greg is not here to take ownership of any balls ups 🙂

Oh, and the new switch is working just fine in Greenlea so the original must have been faulty in some way causing it to overheat.  If Simon could be bothered, he would check into why, but he can’t so guess that he won’t.

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