Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary

Vicky and Simon’s 6th Wedding Anniversary today !!!  We are going out tonight for a nice meal to the Kaye Arms between Wakefield and Huddersfield, which we are sure will be nice.  Elliot’s Grandma and Granddad are going to come and look after him while we are gone.

Simon managed to reverse his car into a low wall last night (at the vet – and no he didn’t tell the vet it was him 🙂 ) which punctured the rear passenger side tyre.  He hobbled home at walking pace with all pedestrians helpfully advising Simon that he had a flat tyre – quite why they thought he was limping home, we’re not sure……

Then, to add insult to injury, once inside the safe confines of our own garage, Simon jacked up the car, removed the nuts……………. oh yes and then COULD NOT removed the damned wheel from the car.  It culminated in a call to BMW OnCall who came out first thing this morning with a large rubber hammer and dealt with the issue – the embarrassment of it

Vicky was up making butterfly buns for the party tomorrow, and we think we are all set.

Now all we need is a session in the Gym, a swim, oh yes and a new damned tyre – grrr

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