Video Camera purchase made…

Well, the little guy seems to have taken on the cold again and this time it is here to stay.  He seems to be really suffering and it is causing him significant sleep related issues – i.e. he isn’t.

He was up roughly every hour on the hour last night 🙁

The Video Camera purchase has taken a dive with the shop that took the order (and saying that they had stock) ended up in not having the stock, and then worse still when we asked about it we got radio silence.  Simon telephoned the company today since the emails seemed to hit the ether and disappear, and the bottom line was nothing until January at the earliest.  Escape plan deployed and we are now awaiting a delivery from old faithful Amazon – granted it 30UKP more expensive, but I think we are happier given Amazon is a known good (to us anyway) and they give the impression that they will be able to deliver before Christmas 2006 🙂

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