Onwards and upwards…

The start of a new week – we have resorted to allowing Elliot to sleep in his autocot as he seems to be able to muster up between 8 and 11 hours sleep a night in it.  The cot in his room seems less appealing for some reason – would definitely have thought he would prefer to be in his own cool room with no dog noise and no daddy snoring all night.  Perhaps that is what keeps him sleeping…….

He has to go to be checked over by the health visitor today as he has his 6 weekly check at the doctors tomorrow – handy that they are not busy – would be a shame to have a six weekly check at 9 weeks – oh, wait….

Anyway, is really getting cold now so we are beginning to wrap up properly.  We walked the dogs last night and Vicky carried Elliot in his front carrying pouch – amazingly he went straight to sleep and we didn’t hear another murmur from him – was strange going out with no pushchair for a change.

At the weigh in today – 13lbs 1oz so Elliot has put on a whole 5oz in a week – a slight slow down on previous weeks but progression none the less.  Oh and he is now 65.5cm in length as well.  On the little red health book we have, the Health Visitor has been plotting his charts and it seems that he is currently way over where his expected growth should be – all of the plotted items (head circumference, total length, weight) are above the percentile – suggests he could be a pretty big chap all round.

Another week of shopping trips is on the cards……

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