Last night , Vicky and Elliot were evicted from the hospital so the long journey home commenced at approximately 7pm.  Our first night was a tough one as the little guy seems to not be getting enough scoobies from Vicky.  Almost everyone has suggested that this is because Vicky will only start producing the proper milk after day 3.  We have also been suffering from a fair amount of wind (and in this case, it is not Simon that is the manufacturer of said wind 🙂 ) and are dealing with this as best we can – we did manage 5 hours of sleep last night including 3.5 hours in one go believe it or not.

Frank brought an ace casting kit so that we can get a cast of Elliot’s hands and feet along with a photograph, so we are looking forward to getting this bad boy cracked open.

In the mean time, here is thefirst Rust family photo…

The mid-wife has been around today and seems happy that all is as it should be.

We hope to introduce Pepsi and Max to Elliot at the weekend so I guess this will be the next fun hurdle.

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